Malcolm Smith

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Psychic Photobooth™

A breakthrough in supernatural technology, the Psychic Photobooth™ is able to photograph deep, deep, deep into your inner soul. Utilising the scientific principles of aura interpretation, astrological analysis, DNA sampling, Freudian theory, numerology, colonoscopy and feng shui, the Psychic Photobooth™ can penetrate the darkest reaches of the human psyche.

Enter if you dare. If you can’t handle the truth: don’t bother.

Disclaimer: Used responsibly and in conjunction with a qualified therapist, your Psychic Photobooth™ portrait will help to explain deeply entrenched neuroses, lack of judgement in romantic endeavours, financial irresponsibility and other unhelpful personality disorders.

The Photobooth project was originally developed as the Gene-erator as part of the exhibition Inheritance at the Australian Centre for Photography in 2009. Since then it has transformed into the Klown Booth as part of Klown Kult at the Red Rattler in 2009, and the Psychic Photobooth for Peats Ridge Festival and at Gaffa Gallery in 2010.