Malcolm Smith

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Dream Home

Australian Centre for Photography
3 September – 9 October 2010
Gallery 1 + 2

Kaoru Alfonso (ACT), Peter Alwast (QLD), Bianca Barling and Benzo (SA), Perran Costi (NSW), Paul Dunn (VIC), Paul Mumme (QLD), Renee Nowytarger (NSW), Dean Sewell (NSW), Samantha Small (ACT), Nicole Robson (TAS), Garry Trinh (NSW)

Curated By Malcolm Smith

For some Australians it’s a water feature and a double car garage; for others it’s freedom from persecution. In this exhibition twelve contemporary Australian photomedia artists take a critical look at the conflicted and contradictory attitudes that Australians have toward their homes.

In recent years we have seen the devastating impact of the collapse of the sub-prime mortgage market in the United States, over 24 million persons left homeless around the world due to war, and Australia's per-capita greenhouse emissions now one of the highest in the world. At a more personal level the homes of our dreams are a potent reflection of our sense of entitlement, our values and our aspirations.

This exhibition invites us to consider these broader contexts as we reflect on the homes we dream about, the price we’d pay to make those dreams come true, and the disparity that often exists between the dream and the reality.